Monday, August 18, 2014

Changes in the Downstairs

I am most excited, and have the most vision, for my modern kitchen. I found an amazing herringbone pattern scrapbook paper in outrageous colors and I am looking forward to making that my floor. I envision modern, clean lines in the cabinetry and countertops (either faux concrete or faux marble -- I found scrapbook paper at Michael's that could work for either), and a bright backsplash probably made from the remnant of a Birchbox I received. However, in drafting the layout for my appliances, I hit a snag. The room I had earmarked for the kitchen is indeed the bigger of the two downstairs rooms but because it also contains the front door and the staircase, it has less usable space for counters, appliances, and eating area. Therefore, I pulled out all my cardstock mockups and decided to reformulate an idea, using the same colors and materials, for a smaller galley-style kitchen in the smaller room. This means I have a lot more space in my living room and need some more ideas about how to fill it! Right now I know I want to do cork flooring (already purchased) and some natural textiles like jute and cotton. Since the front door is there, I will need a place for coats/keys/shoes. Most living rooms have a flatscreen TV, but maybe I'll have to pretend mine is on the imaginary fourth wall. Finally, I have the question of where to put the eating space: on an L-shaped counter with two stools in my galley kitchen? Or at a small café table in my living room? More cardboard mockups await!


  1. I love the herringbone pattern, it will make a great floor!!
    Good luck with your house! I look forward on seeing more!

  2. Welcome to the world of minis Ashley. You are going to have a really interesting adventure. I look forward to seeing what you do with your little house. Kitchen is a good place to start. Carol :)